7on7 Overview

7on7 Overview

Why 7on7?

Players & Coaches:

  • See how you stack up to the opponent & find out who really is the BEST
  • Players improve their skills through fun competition
  • Athletes will learn offensive and defensive passing skills taught by college coaches from all over the Midwest while competing for yearlong bragging rights.
  • Develop team chemistry & conditioning
  • Get an early start on the upcoming season

7on7 Quick Hits

  • Teams must consist of a minimum of 7 players & maximum of 15
  • Teams must have at least 1 adult coach present to be eligible for competition
  • Teams are guaranteed 4 games
  • Offensive Unit is composed of 1 QB, 1 Center and 5 Receivers (any combination of RBs, WRs & TEs)
  • Defensive Unit will be composed of either (4 DBs and 3 LBs) OR (5 DBs and 2 LBs)

Field Dimensions:

  • Field Length is 45 yards long
  • Field Width is 120 feet wide
  • End Zone is 10 yards deep


  • 6 points for a TD / 1 point for a PAT from 3 yard line
  • 2 points for PAT from 10 yard line
  • 2 points for INT by the defense (Play will be blown dead after an INT)

No Blocking  РOffensive Center is not an eligible receiver

7on7 Field Layout

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