Postseason Honors

Postseason Honors

December 7th, 2011

Another exciting high school football season is complete, and many LWFA alumni saw individual & team success beyond anything they’ve achieved in the past …

11 All-State selections, including 7 on the 1st Team & 2 Elite All-State selections

53 All-District/Conference selections, including 34 on the 1st Team

Congratulations to the following LWFA alumni & 7on7 participants on their postseason honors:



Matt Vandeberg, Jr***       Brandon Valley HS (SD)

Collin Bevins, Sr***            Creston HS (IA)

Steve Ferentz, Sr              IC City HS (IA)

Nile Banks, Sr                    IC City HS (IA)

Andrew Broocks, Sr*         Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Paul Brown, Jr*                 Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Brett Cochran-Bray, Jr*    Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Alex Dau, Sr*                    Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Zach Herrig, Sr                 Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Luke Kabele, Sr                Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Adam Teunissen, Sr*        West Lyon HS (IA)

1st Team Elite Selection***

1st Team Selection*


Nick Fett, Sr                      Audubon HS (IA)

John Klumpp, Sr*              Brandon Valley HS (SD)

Matt Vandeberg, Jr*          Brandon Valley HS (SD)

Colton Haight, Sr*             Buffalo HS (MN)

Jake Orr, Sr                      Buffalo HS (MN)

Josh Orr, Sr                      Buffalo HS (MN)

Jason Senger, Sr*            Buffalo HS (MN)

Nile Banks, Sr                   IC City HS (IA)

Steve Ferentz, Sr*            IC City HS (IA)

Jeremy Johnson, Sr         IC City HS (IA)

John Law, Sr                    IC City HS (IA)

Jasper Washington, Sr*    IC City HS (IA)

Collin Bevins, Sr*              Creston HS (IA)

Austin Anfinson, Jr*          Hinton HS (IA)

Dalton Becker, Jr              Hinton HS (IA)

Craig Brown, Sr*               Hinton HS (IA)

Morgan Wenzel, Jr*          Hinton HS (IA)

Scott Mulder, Sr*              SF Lincoln HS (SD)

Zach Landhuis, Sr*           MOC-FV HS (IA)

Nick List, Sr*                     MOC-FV HS (IA)

Drew Rupp, Sr*                 MOC-FV HS (IA)

Josh Wilson, Jr*                MOC-FV HS (IA)

Chistopher Smull, Jr         Muscatine HS (IA)

Bryce Alberts, Sr              CR Prairie HS (IA)

Tristan Beyer, So*            CR Prairie HS (IA)

Mitch Dellamuth, So         CR Prairie HS (IA)

Jarred Edmonds, Jr          CR Prairie HS (IA)

Jace Hanna, Jr                 CR Prairie HS (IA)

Demetrius Harper, Jr        CR Prairie HS (IA)

Kyler Case, So                  South Central Calhoun HS (IA)

Matt Finnern, So               Spencer HS (IA)

Andrew Broocks, Sr*         Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Paul Brown, Jr*                 Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Brett Cochran-Bray, Jr*     Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Alex Dau, Sr*                     Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Tate Hanson, Sr*               Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Zach Herrig, Sr*                 Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Casey Jones, Sr*               Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Luke Kabele, Sr*                Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Rick Maris, Jr*                    Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Bryson McCabe, Jr*           Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Cody Poock, Jr*                 Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Aric Waltz,  Sr*                   Spirit Lake HS (IA)

Josh Wright, So*                Waverly-Shell Rock HS (IA)

Adam Teunissen, Sr*         West Lyon HS (IA)

Adam Aljets, Sr                  Williamsburg HS (IA)

Jarett Donohoe, Sr             Williamsburg HS (IA)

Trevor Knepper, Sr*           Williamsburg HS (IA)

Chris Lehmkuhl, Sr            Williamsburg HS (IA)

Bryan MacDonald, Jr*        Williamsburg HS (IA)

Chance Miller, Jr*               Williamsburg HS (IA)

Jackson Petz, Sr*               Williamsburg HS (IA)

Korbin Petz, Sr                   Williamsburg HS (IA)

1st Team Selection*


7on7 Shootout Teams

Spirit Lake HS (IA) (7on7 Champions) Record: 13-1

Class 2A Coach of the Year, Josh Bolluyt

Class 2A State Runner-up

CR Prairie HS (IA) (7on7 Runner-up) Record: 2-7

Buffalo HS (MN) Record: 2-7

Class 4A playoff participant

IC City HS (IA) Record: 8-3  

Advanced to 2nd round of Class 4A playoffs

MOC-FV HS (IA) Record: 5-5

Class 3A playoff participant

Spencer HS (IA) Record: 5-6

Advanced to 2nd round of Class 3A playoffs

Williamsburg HS (IA) Record: 6-3

Class 3A playoff participant

Hinton HS (IA) Record: 2-7

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