PLAYOFFS!?!? (Use Jim Mora Voice)

PLAYOFFS!?!? (Use Jim Mora Voice)

October 25th, 2011

The second season is upon us, as this week kicks off the postseason around the upper Midwest with South Dakota & Minnesota on Tuesday, Oct. 25 and Iowa Wednesday, Oct. 26. There is no greater sense of urgency, especially for seniors, knowing that this could be the last game of year, and for many, the last game you will ever play. This is what LWFA and all those two-a-days in the heat and humidity were about. Now we will get to see who wants it the most!

So is it better to be the best team, or is it better to be the hottest team heading into the playoffs? If you are the best team then you have dealt with the bulls-eye on your backs all season. This prepares you for the pressure of the postseason. The best team also knows what they do best and can continue to build upon their success.

However, there’s just something about having it all click at the right time. When you are the hottest team, there’s a certain swagger that you play with. You just know everything is going to go your way. You play fast and loose and can avoid the tightness and pressing that other teams have during this one-and-done season. When you’re hot, you’re hot; it is not a feeling that can be described but everyone on the team knows they’re in the zone.

So which is better…the one that gets to hoist that championship trophy at the end! Now let the road to The Dome begin…

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